DNA Testing

DNA Testing

Many of the DNA testing companies are offering discounts due to the growing popularity and competition. Visit our new section regarding DNA testing to review the topic and options. Get the most our of your money and determine which type of test best suits your goals.

23andMe® has a calculator to help determine if you can use FSA/HSA funds to reimburse the cost of their test. They claim up to $117 may be reimbursible when purchasing thier Health + Ancestry option.

We do not have an affiliation with 23andMe® nor do we receive any commissions.

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American Airlines UPDATE

Airlines are offering several innovative forms of flexibility to help bring customers back to the market. Click here to learn about ways to reduce your flying costs and get the most for your airline traveling experience.

American Airlines is waiving change fees on tickets between September 30, 2020 for travel through December 31,2020.