Did you purchase contact lenses online from 2004 through 2019?

You have until December 4, 2020 to complete a Claim Form to be considered to receive a payment from the Settlements in Thompson v. 1 800 Contacts, Inc., Vision Direct, Inc., Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc., Walgreen Co., Arlington Contact Lens Service, Inc., National Vision, Inc., Luxottica of America, Inc. (f/k/a Luxottica Retail North America, Inc.), No. 2:16-cv-01183 (D. Utah).

A snapshot of the companies involved and timeframes are shown below. We understand there is approximately $40,000,000 of potential settlement of which some is likely to go to third parties, legal fees, plaintiffs, and elsewhere.

For 1-800-CONTACTS buyers, it’s simple to get your order history on 1-800-CONTACTS website. Login to your account and find ‘Order History’. Add the total of online contact lens purchases within the applicable date range.

There may be more than one way to file a claim but one 3rd party administrator handling this suit is shown below and they have a simple form with more information about the process.

We are not providing legal advice nor will we help complete the form. This is information for you to act on if you feel you may be entitled to a claim. Do your own due diligence before filing a claim. We are here to share ways for consumers to get their money back and make the wrong…right. Filing a claim can remove other rights you may want to pursue. Click on the links above as a couple options to learn more about the case.

You also may contact the Settlement Administrator at 1-888-506-0436 or the following address:

Thompson v. 1-800 Contacts, Inc.
c/o CPT Group, Inc.
50 Corporate Park
Irvine, CA 92606