DNA Testing

The popularity of DNA testing is growing exponentially. It’s as simple as purchasing a kit, submitting a saliva or swab sample, and the results are usually ready within a couple months. Along with popularity (demand) comes more competitors (supply) to meet that consumer demand and not all competitors that offer DNA testing are equal. With as much interest in determining your heritage, traits, family history, and medical risk there are potential risks. 

Most DNA testing companies offer two options with the first being about half the cost of the the second. Prices shown are subject to change and may not reflect the latest prices or offers. Several options are listed below in no particular order.

1) DNA Analysis 

2) DNA + Health Analysis – some may include personal physician oversight and this fee may or may not be included.

The IRS may also allow your FSA/HSA reimbursement of some of the test cost. You would need to confirm with DNA testing company you plan to use. If allowed, normally the FSA/HSA requires a copy of the purchase receipt and supporting documentation. Also consider contacting your insurance company to find out if genetic testing is covered.

Coupon Codes

Sales and coupon codes are commonly offered. Prices and options change frequently. In most cases, once a DNA report is generated the chance for a refund is minimal. So if you get conflicting results from one company compared to another, or you disagree with a report, you be challenged to get a refund. However, with more and more players in this niche, companies are more likely to accomodate customer requests. 

A recommended source for more comprehensive reviews and resources related to DNA testing can be found at DNA Weekly. They have several articles including an article that compares the popular three choices. We do not earn a commission from DNA Weekly. 


 23andMe offers a couple different packages:

1) Ancestry ($99) – includes breakdown of ancestory genetics, mtDNA report, Y-DNA report, Neanderthal Ancestry Report, a list of people with similar DNA which is useful to determine relatives. 

 2) Health + Ancestry ($199) – includes all the above + several reports related to health and lifestyle.

Ancestry.com DNA

The most popular in terms of use and this large database allows for more potential conclusions. 

1) Ancestry ($99 with $20 option for traits) – includes search your DNA for clues where your ancestors came from centuries ago. With their strength in numbres Ancestry.com can analyze a huge database of DNA samples from around the world to build a “reference panel” of DNA profiles based on those identifiers.

 2) Health + Ancestry ($149) – includes all the above + several reports pertaining to health and lifestyle.

They also offer genealogy and family tree building for various subscription rates. You can find coupon codes by searching the web or call their number at 1-800-401-3193.

Living DNA

They claim to have five times the detail of any other DNA test on the market for African ancestry and eight times more detail for the British Isles. They have four options:

1) Starter Kit ($49 + shipping) – DNA reports including your global ancestry report,
DNA matches and sample nutrition and fitness reports

2) Full Ancestry Kit ($69 + shipping) – offers advanced ancestry DNA reports, delivering an enriching view of your ancestry from 80,000 years ago until recent times.

3) Wellbeing Kit ($79 + shipping) – understand how different foods, vitamins and exercises work with your body. This doesn’t include ancestry reports.

4) Ancestry & Wellbeing Kit ($99 + shipping) – advanced ancestry reports and fitness and nutritional responses.

My Heritage DNA 

1) For $79 you’ll get a kit for an autosomal DNA test for genetic genealogy that discovers your relatives. The results also provides a percentage-based ethnicity breakdown, based on 42 ethnic regions around the world. You will discover where your ancestors came from and how much of your DNA originates from each region.

2) For $199 they will generate 36 comprehensive health reports from a simple cheek swab.

The site also offer subscriptions for geneology research and tracking of your family tree. There are usually coupon codes available as well.


Three options and each come with an online personal coach:

1) Health + Ancestry Report ($89) – DNA, diet report, supplement, fitness, and ancestry reports.

2) Premium Report ($109) – all the above + skin report and free report updates.

3) Vitality Bundle ($269) – skin report NOT included but all else is + peronalized supplements package.

You can get a refund on an unused kit with more details found here. The support team can be reached at support@vitagene.com.


This site offers a number of options, several price points and turnaround times, including those for pets. Click below to review. You can reach HomeDNA at customersupport@homedna.com or 1-800-281-2916.

CRI Genetics

CRI Genetics also offers a couple packages with a guarantee of an 8 week turnaround or your money back. This guarantee appears to be one of the only, if not the only, company to have a timing guarantee. The clock starts the day the lab receives your sample and provided your DNA passes quality analysis. 

1) Ancestry ($99) – dual biogeographical ancestry reports, detailed percentage breakdown of your heritage, ancestry timeline report, and an 8 week turnaround time guarantee.

 2) Health + Ancestry ($199) – all ancestry & health reports, personal genetic picture, health analysis, and an 8 week turnaround time guarantee.

Customer service can be reached at 1-800-571-9216 or emailing support@CRIGenetics.com.

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DNA Testing

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