Unclaimed Property 

Searching for Unclaimed Property is possibly the best kept treasure hunt secret that exist today. A significant potential reward for minimal effort for individuals and businesses. Give it a try, nothing to lose other than a few minutes of effort. Comment below about your experience. 


“Unclaimed Property” is sometimes referred to as abandoned property or unclaimed funds. These forms of property consists of abandoned financial assets such as:

  • bonds,
  • mutual funds,
  • checking and savings accounts,
  • utility deposits,
  • unpaid wages,
  • securities,
  • life insurance proceeds, 
  • gift certificates,
  • un-cashed payroll checks,
  • traveler’s checks,
  • dividends, 
  • contents and/or proceeds of safe deposit boxes, such as jewelry, collectibles, and more, that are without activity for a certain period of time.

These claims normally exclude real estate despite the term “unclaimed property”. You may find records in states of previous residence. Don’t forget to look up deceased family members. Be careful, there are several replica sites and commission-based sites which may or may not be legal. We’ve done our best to provide links to the governmental sites of each state. 

If you do find unclaimed property that may belong to you, normally there is a form and process to follow that is explained on that state’s website. It’s usually a simply straightforward process from which you should get feedback within a few days or weeks. 

Contact us if you find a problem. We can also assist if you need help searching for property. We do not take a commission or have any affiliation with anyone that does offer to help you and take a commission. 


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1 year ago

We found a small amount of money for relatives in Michigan. Searching process is simple. Completed a couple forms and that was it. We also found some hits for relatives that now live in another state.

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